Head of departament

Mamuka Mikadze


Roland Kvernadze


Outpatient services of “Clinic Bomondi” consists of polyclinic, women’s counseling and radiological departments.
Patients who come to the “Bomondi” polyclinic serve the doctors of “PEP” and “GPU”. Polyclinic is also available for therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, gastroenterologist, neurosurgeon, gynecologist, proctologist, otolinolingologist, pulmonologist and ophthalmologist.
In the radiological department of “Clinic Bomondi” it is possible to conduct such studies as: Magnetostasanomic tomography, computer tomography, radiography and mammography.
Clinic Bomondi’s Polyclinic Women’s Consultation Department offers patients a consultation for gynecologist and pregnancy management.



Cardiological Cabinet at Ltd “Clinic-Bomondi” offers diagnostics and effective treatment relevant to modern standards to people. We provide services to ambulatory and stationary patients without the age limitation. The risk assessment of a circulatory disease, finding out the causing factors, accurate diagnosis and treatment proper management of chronic heart pathologies by cardiologist guarantee good results for healing. Great attention is paid to a disease prevention. Together with Obstetric Gynecologic Service we conduct surveillance on pregnant women in Bomondi, they are monitored during pregnancy and postpartum period. All surgical patients undergo preoperative examination. Operating dates are set individually based on the objective data and consultation with cardiologist.


Inga Chkhenkeli


Endocrinology is the medical field that studies endocrine structures, functions and diseases of organs. The word endocrinology is of Greek origin. Georgia is not an exception due to the high rise of the number of people infected with endocrinological pathology throught the world.

In recent years, there is a rising tendency of endocrine diseases: Diabetes mellitus (DM), thyroid disorders, metabolic syndrome, various disorders of the reproductive system, obesity, particularly frequent cases are diabetes mellitus and thyroid diseases. Diabetes mellitus is in the first place among endocrine diseases. The main reasons for the increase of these diseases are poor ecology,  unhealthy products in the daily ration, increased pressure and hypodynamis.

Endocrinology service covers the following areas:

Thyroid gland diseases:

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

Diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2)

Metabolic disorder


Our motto is to defeat obesity

Complex approach to defeat obesity includes the following:

Consultation with an endocrinologist

A wide variety of laboratory and instrumental examinations

If required, surgical treatment

With our help you will learn a healthy lifestyle that will enable you to reach and maintain the desired figure.

Surgical department performs:


Partial thyroidectomy

Bariatric surgeries


Tea Tsitashvili


Gastrointestinal Cabinet at Ltd “Clinic Bomondi “ offers complete range of diagnostics of gastrointestinal diseases , methods of treatment and comfortable services relevant to modern needs to people. The Cabinet provides people with diagnostics, treatment and preventive inspection of gastrointestinal tract disorders, these are:

  • Esophagitis
  • Gastritis
  • Colitis
  • Cholecystitis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Hepatitis
  • Hepatosis
  • Hepatocirrhosis


David Jugheli


Gynecological Department of Clinic Bomondi offers patients complete gynecological services. “Bomondi” is the first clinic in Western Georgia Bloodless operations. The clinic performs any gynecological operation of any complexity, including patients with oncologic disease. A team of professionals from the clinic department of clinic Bomondi, operations performed on a laparotomic approach during the uterine, cervical, ovarian and uterine pipes. The clinic also has a diagnostic laparoscopy (female infertility, a small pelvic pain syndrome and other pathologies). The Gynecological Department of “Clinic Bomondi” is guided by David G. Tabidze, a gynecologist.

Head of departament

David Tabidze


Tekla Lomtadze

Junior doctors

Nini Babunashvili


In the laboratory of “clinic bomond”, the following studies can be conducted:

  • Clinical diagnostic (blood clinical analysis, blood coagulation ability, blood biochemical studies, determination of gas and electronic balance sheets);
  • Biochemical (enzymatic research, determination of products of enzymes, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and nitrogen compounds);
  • Immunological examinations (examination of sex hormones, determination of immunity indicators of tumor);
  • Research of TORCH-infections (bacteria and viral examination).

Doctor of Biology Sciences Tsitsino Karseladze is headed by an experienced doctor-laborer.



Obstetrician departament

The clinic of “Clinic Bomondi” offers patients a safe and painless delivery in individual box-wards. At the request of a child, a spouse or a relative may attend the delivery process. The neonates include newborns, where newborns are observed, in the case of discovery of the newborn’s treatment of a special care post, as well as screening of critical forms of hearing and heart mites. The clinic of “Clinic Bomondi” is headed by Professor Giorgi Kebuladze, Doctor of Medicine.

Head of departament

Giorgi Kebuladze
Obstetrician departament

Generic pathologies unit

Unit head

Nana Sharvashidze

Obstetrician unit

Postpartum unit

Unit head

Irina Uglova


Ophthalmology department of “Clinic Bomondi” is equipped with the latest equipment and professional staff. The cataracts of any complexity are performed on the site, as well as the anti-glaucoma, silly, as well as urgent and urgent operations. The ophthalmology department is headed by a doctor-ophthalmologist Zaza (Zaal) Sinauridze.



The professional staff of the “Clinic Bomondi” pediatric service in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for 24 hours of care for your baby’s health. The vaccination cabinet is functioning in the office where your children are given a planned and unplanned vaccination. Patients can receive urgent outpatient assistance at the pediatrician hospital. Patients placed in the hospital have 24-hour surveillance of the pediatrician. “Clinic Bomond” is involved in the universal insurance program. The clinic also serves the beneficiaries of private insurance companies. The pediatrician is headed by doctor-pediatrician Tinatin Kublashvili.


Nowadays, ultrasonography is the fastest, noninvasive and highly informative examination which is carried out by the latest generation, high resolution ultra sound device LOGIQ9 in our department

The following diagnostic examinations are performed:

Abdominal ultrasound examination (Liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen)

Ultrasound examination of the urinary system (kidneys and bladder)

Prostate ultrasound examination

Transabdominal gynecologic ultrasound examination

Transvaginal gynecologic ultrasound examination

Prenatal ultrasound examination

Pleural cavity ultrasound examination

Thyroid gland ultrasound examination

Mammary gland ultrasound examination


The surgery department of “Clinic Bomondi” can perform any complexity, all types of surgical (obesity, oncology, a large hernia, barrier) operation. The department is equipped with the latest medical equipment.



Women Consulting

Foreign pacients
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