Endocrinology is the medical field that studies endocrine structures, functions and diseases of organs. The word endocrinology is of Greek origin. Georgia is not an exception due to the high rise of the number of people infected with endocrinological pathology throught the world.

In recent years, there is a rising tendency of endocrine diseases: Diabetes mellitus (DM), thyroid disorders, metabolic syndrome, various disorders of the reproductive system, obesity, particularly frequent cases are diabetes mellitus and thyroid diseases. Diabetes mellitus is in the first place among endocrine diseases. The main reasons for the increase of these diseases are poor ecology,  unhealthy products in the daily ration, increased pressure and hypodynamis.

Endocrinology service covers the following areas:

Thyroid gland diseases:

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

Diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2)

Metabolic disorder


Our motto is to defeat obesity

Complex approach to defeat obesity includes the following:

Consultation with an endocrinologist

A wide variety of laboratory and instrumental examinations

If required, surgical treatment

With our help you will learn a healthy lifestyle that will enable you to reach and maintain the desired figure.

Surgical department performs:


Partial thyroidectomy

Bariatric surgeries

Foreign pacients
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